All work performed is either by a professional surveyor, or under the direct supervision of a profession land surveyor using state of the art technology to meet and exceed our clients' needs.

Mortgage Reports

A mortgage report is normally prepared for a lender or purchaser to verify there are no major concerns on the property prior to closing on a loan. The field crew locates the major improvements on the property in relationship to the property lines, and a map is prepared showing the extent of the property owned or to be purchased, the buildings, the legal description of the property, and a note for flood insurance purposes. These reports normally take only a few days to complete. No property corners are found, or set, for this report.

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey verifies where property corners or lines fall based on the deeded legal description. If a boundary survey is ordered, we will either find and verify, or set, the property corners based on the legal description furnished to us. A survey map will be prepared showing the dimensions around the property, along with any encroachments. If any additional information is needed by the client (extra stakes on line, location of buildings, etc.) it should be communicated when the survey is ordered. Boundary surveys range anywhere from a small lot in town to hundreds of acres in the country.


Land Division Surveys

A land division survey is needed when a smaller parcel is going to be split out of a larger parcel. Public Act 591 of 1996 requires any new land divisions to be approved by the municipality. It's important to verify the requirements of the township in the zoning district your property falls within. We work with the municipality's to verify the proposed split meets their requirements prior to any work being started. When we are aware of the municipalities requirements, we then will meet our client at the site, obtain their instructions for the new split, and complete the survey. A survey report will be prepared showing the boundary of the split and a new legal description will be written that will be used for the transfer of title. We also prepare "Land Division Planning" for larger tracts of land that need to be split in the most effective and marketable way.

Legal Description Preparation

There are certain instances where legal descriptions need to be changed, revised, or prepared such as mortgaging only a portion of your property, easements, grading permits, etc. We can work with you to complete this work.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys not only show the boundary of the subject property, but also show other improvements such as buildings, trees, utilities, roads, etc. Spot elevations and contours of the ground are also obtained to show the slope of the site. These surveys are normally ordered by engineers or architects for design purposes. The final topographic survey is provided to the design company and then used to add the proposed improvements on a site plan. Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. uses a robotic total station for the majority of this work.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

These type of surveys are the "Cadillac" of surveys. Normally required by a lending institution or title insurance company on larger, commercial type loans, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys include a specific and detailed list of requirements developed by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The standards also provide for additional items to be covered by the survey that are not included in the standard list. 

construction layout

Mostrom & Assoc., Inc. provides a full range of surveying services for the construction industry. We meet any of your needs related to layout of new homes, additions, underground utilities, roads, parking lots, etc. With our experience and technology, we can work with you to provide layout services that will help bring your residential, commercial, or industrial project to completion. 

Elevation Certificates and Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) for Flood Insurance

Since FEMA started regulating flood insurance in the early 1990's, we have provided services to help individuals that are required to purchase flood insurance. The majority of our work has been related to individuals who are required to purchase flood insurance during the process of financing a home, where the home is not really in danger of being flooded. This happens because the maps the federal government have prepared are not very accurate. If you are currently paying for flood insurance, and you don't believe your home will ever flood, give David Mostrom a call to discuss it. David is a Certified Floodplain Manager and a eLOMA Licensed Professional and can help with any of your questions.

Photogrammetric Control Surveys

These types of surveys are used to obtain horizontal and vertical relationships between points for aerial mapping companies. These points are normally a significant distance apart and can be obtained by using our GPS unit.

Subdivisions and Site Condominiums

When an individual or firm would like to develop a larger number of residential or industrial lots, call Mostrom and Assoc., Inc. They have completed hundreds of subdivisions and site condominiums all over southwest Michigan. This process begins with understanding what our client would like to accomplish, and then working with the necessary government agencies to complete the task. There are many steps to this process including initial planning, communication with the municipality and health department, conceptual drawings, preliminary survey work, and much more.